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Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson

First Wednesday Talk in February Rescheduled!

Rescheduled for Feb. 14 @ 7 pm
Nancy Jay Crumbine
Silent Spring not only launched the environmental movement but also laid out the fundamental problems with our relationship to nature. Dartmouth professor Nancy Jay Crumbine celebrates scientist and poet Rachel Carson’s clarity, courage, and brilliance.

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“Spotlight” at the Latchis

“Spotlight” – winner of the 2015 Academy Award for Best Picture – tells the story of how the investigative journalists of the Boston Globe exposed a massive scandal of child molestation inside the Catholic Church.

The final installment of this season’s Journalism Film Series, “Spotlight” will be screened at the Latchis Theater on Sunday, February 25th, at 4:00 pm. A discussion led by Randy Holhut of The Commons will follow.

Free and open to the public. Donations are welcome. Continue Reading

Luther and the Reformation: A 500-year Appraisal

First Wednesdays Series: November

November 1 @ 7 pm    ♦    Randall Balmer
Martin Luther’s posting of the Ninety-five Theses on the cathedral door at Wittenburg five hundred years ago launched a movement that utterly transformed Western society and our notions of authority, culture, art, and tradition. Dartmouth Religion professor Randall Balmer assesses the Protestant Reformation half a millennium later.

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