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Our last “Little Free Library”…

The last of the seven “Little Free Libraries” donated to the Friends by the Rotary’s Literacy Project has found a home: Kevin O’Keefe is the happy winner of the fundraising raffle that ended June 2nd.

All the Little Free Libraries were hand-built by the Rotary’s Literacy Project Committee and painted by local artists.

So what exactly are Little Free Libraries?

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Use your Bean!

During the month of September, the Friends of Brooks Memorial Library will be among three designated organizations that will benefit from the Brattleboro Food Co-op’s Bag-A-Bean program.

How It Works
Whenever customers bring in their own grocery bag, bulk-food container, or travel mug, the Co-op thanks them with a 5¢ credit or a bean that they can drop it into one of three containers benefiting local non-profits.

Each month the Co-op selects three non-profits on a rotating basis. For every pound of beans placed in a container, over $14 is donated to that container’s organization. Donations can range from $100 to $500!

The Bag-A-Bean program works to engage shoppers in reducing waste by rewarding them with the opportunity to donate their savings to a local non-profit. Both the environment and the non-profits benefit!

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1st Wednesdays (Tues. this time)

April 30 @ 7pm ♦ Harold Holzer

Biographer Harold Holzer tells the story of one of the great sculptors of the 19th century—creator of the Lincoln Memorial, “The Minute Man” of Concord, Massachusetts, and the “Spirit of Life,” which was created for Brattleboro’s park, stolen, and recovered.

Underwriter: Crosby-Gannett Fund

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Our Mission

The mission of the Friends is to support the Brooks Library through advocacy, public relations, and fundraising in order to provide the highest quality library services to the community.

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