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Draft of PayPal block

Hi Joyce,

This page is just a mock-up for your review — it’s not accessible by the public. Barb thought we should include a shipping option for the book bags — thinking that Bob Oeser, who’s already shipping the Amazon books, might be willing, and if not, she herself would be willing.

Now that I have the actual image of the Friends bag, I’ve asked Barb if she can make the white background go away — I don’t have the tools/skills to do that myself.

Barb has succeeded in making the white background on the graphic disappear, so now it merges seamlessly with the rest of the block. The only thing left for me to do is create the receipt page for the library pick-up.

The Paypal buttons do work — Barb tested them. If you select Pick up at Library, PayPal makes no reference to the shipping address; if you select Ship via USPS, it does. With Pick up at Library, you’ll be automatically sent to a page with the receipt, with instructions to print it and present it at the library front desk. Both purchase options allow you to order more than one bag.

The mission statement that used to be in this spot has been moved to the bottom of the page.



Our Mission

The mission of the Friends is to support the Brooks Memorial Library through advocacy, public relations, and fundraising in order to provide the highest quality library services to the community.

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